One local elementary is helping newly arrived students from military families adjust into their new  community.

Hickam Elementary, which sees roughly 200 students come and go each year opened it's "Aloha Transition Center" on February 1.  It aims to make the adjustment easier for new students from 4th through 6th grade through the student led sessions.

“We do an activity group where we teach them a little about Hawaii, the 5 “Ss of making friends, and homework.  Then they all get to meet each other too so they see that its not just them that are the only new kids to the school,” explained Lissette Borja, with Primary School Adjustment Programs at Hickam Elementary.

The new center is dedicated to late congressman Mark Takai.

“The late congressman Mark Takai Foundation grant provided us $25,000. That helped us put down some of our programs and to renovate the center,” said Hickam Elementary’s Principle, Alisa Bender.

So far this year, nearly 50 students have taken part in the program.