Wailua - ?Kauai police are still investigating the two unattended deaths of married couple Tia Obrero and Michael Blackstad that occurred Thursday February 14.  

Additional details have been discovered after autopsies were completed. It is confirmed that Tia Obrero died of blunt force injuries and strangulation, and Michael Blackstad died of drowning. The autopsy also confirmed Blackstad sustained injuries from a shark attack postmortem. 

A bystander early Thursday morning found-26 year-old, Tia Obrero unresponsive, along the shoreline of the beach area known as Kitchens in Wailua. Prelimenary evidence indicated she may have died from an assault. 

Later that morning, a multi-agency land and sea search was initiated to find 26-year-old Blackstad, who was believed to have been with Obrero on Wednesday night. Blackstad's body was found later that day on a rocky shoreline behind Kaua'i Beach Resort in Wailua. 

"We thank the public for their patience while our detectives conducted a thorough and objective investigation in order to secure justice and some sense of closure for all families involved," Assistant Chief of the Investigative Services Bureau Byson Ponce said. 

Ponce added,"Our investigation has led us to believe that Michael Blackstad is responsible for the death of his wife, Tia Obrero. We believe Michael died shortly after in waters off Wailua. Although the investigation remains ongoing, there are no other facts or evidence at this time to lead us to any other conclusions. On behalf of our entire department, we extend our deepest sympathies to their families, loved ones, and especially their two young children."