HONOLULU - "Da Kine" is the brain-trust of two families, the Koslows and the Wilsons.

In their minds -- what was missing from the market was sugar, spice, everything nice -- some rub for your grub, mixes and sauces.

But early on especially, not every concoction they grilled-up worked.

"I went in naive -- but it's a lot of work," said Koslow. "I made 75 racks of ribs to get the right flavor of sauce for the 76th rack." 

And the keiki in the families, guinea pigs, and taste-testers.

"Kids don't lie -- people, friends -- don't ask them to taste test. They say 'I love it' because they don't want to hurt your feelings," said Koslow.

All of their brews start at home, then it's finessed at First Commercial Kitchen, cooked, bottled, tagged, boxed, distributed then warehoused.

The flavor on this day, Pineapple Syrup a private label product for Dole. 

The biggest change since starting in since 2007? Spice Girls -- it's a mostly women owned business today. Vanessa, the only home-grown decision-maker, put her "Laie Girl" roots to work naming the company.

"I don't know how I thought of it, but it's popular in Hawaii," said Vanessa.

Outside of Hawaii, it's growing -- sales are up online, business and mail-orders are trending, and they're a player in the game for shelf-space in stores likes Foodland, Safeway, Longs, Whole Foods and the commissaries.

But the name off the Rock -- "Da Kine" -- sometimes it's "Dis Kine" or "Dat Kine."

"Can they pronounce it? Not all of them -- some people call it Da Keenay," said Vanessa.

These days "Da Kine" is 27 products strong and growing -- and working off juice provided from a recent reboot, refined by re-branding.

"A new modern look -- the old one was touristy," Vanessa said.

They have lots of in-store demos, and boast no MSG or sodium, but rather heavy doses of local flavors as much as they can. Like a mad scientist -- recipes call dehydrated Kona Coffee. 

The work involved is endless. Lessons learned along the way priceless. And they treat every day likes it's a holiday -- 'Tis the Seasoning.' 

"Da Kine" -- it's made in Hawaii.