Before the celebrities hit the red carpet and any award is given, there are people working behind the scenes to make sure the Oscars runs smoothly -- like Randy Thomas.

"I go ladies and gentlemen please take your seats. The show will begin in 5 minutes -- I make celebrities sit down," said Thomas.

On Oscars night, her voice will be one of the most important you'll hear.

"I'm introducing people live -- the top of the show, the open of the show will be live -- all of the presenters that I introduce," Thomas said.

She also reads the facts about the winners as they are walking towards the stage. 

And when it comes to making sure celebrities look good before they hit the stage -- That's Bruce Grayson's responsibility.

"When they are putting on makeup, it's actually them getting ready, it's like a ball player lacing up their shoes before they go onto the playing field," said Grayson.

He runs the makeup department for the Academy Awards, and often has to do his job in a matter of seconds.

"Sometimes we do a touch up in less than 30 seconds...We love the pressure, and it's all about doing a great show and getting it out the door," Grayson said.

From backstage chaos, to flowers at Mark's Garden -- Owner Mark Held says he and his team are working until the last minute.

"It's always last minute. You want the freshest flowers," said Held.

Held has the job of designing floral arrangements for the Governor's Ball -- the Academy's post-Oscars celebration.

"It takes about 30 people, four days to create the center pieces, and that doesn't include buying things and organizing things ahead of time," Held said.

This year, he and his team are making at least 300 center pieces -- with no two being exactly alike.

"Every year is a new challenge and we try to rise to it. We try to always do better than we've ever done before," said Held.

The Oscars will be aired live on KITV4 Sunday, February 24th.