Aloha Stadium is showing its age.

"It's kind of like driving a Datsun pickup truck that is just being run into the ground. At a certain point, time to get a new pickup truck," Senator Glenn Wakai, Tourism Committee Chairperson said. 

Some don't mind that at all while others want something new. 

"Because it still looks cherry," Atasema Sefo said. 

"If that happens over there, I'd be happy," Franklin Chung said.

A bill in the State Senate would allow a new stadium to be built on the lower parking lot of Aloha Stadium.

Lawmakers are asking to use $350 million of taxpayer money towards development.

"Look at the stadium now, it's a stand alone facility in a sea of asphalt, our biggest tenant is the swap meet. I think we could do far better," Senator Wakai said. 

The new facility would hold between 35,000 to 40,000 seats.

State Senator Glenn Wakai says the stadium would likely come with a parking structure, possible hotels, restaurants, and shops.

"We should really be conscientious with state taxpayer money and build what we need, not what we dream about. We're never going to get an NFL franchise here, we're never going to get the Olympics here. We should build out something that is a good mixed-use facility more than football," Senator Wakai said. 

The bill passed its first senate committee hearing Thursday, and if it were to become law, Senator Wakai says the soonest a new stadium could be completed would be by 2024.