HONOLULU - A security guard was assaulted near the grounds of Towers at Kuhio Park Tuesday night.

One witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, told KITV4 that she heard commotion outside and noticed a security guard from Richard Lane near the housing property walking back to the bridge, when the group of about fifteen kids started following him.

"I heard one kid saying he was going to shoot him, so I called 911, but it was too late, they beat him" said the witness. "I saw two other security guards walk over, but the kids said they would beat them as well."

The witness said there were 'loud thuds,' and heard glass shattering.

The story has gone viral -- posted on Stolen Stuff Hawaii -- with many commenting and reacting to the news.

According to the witness, after the police arrived, the group of kids scattered.

The group of kids are said to be drinking alcohol at the same spot every night.

Honolulu Police have opened a second-degree assault investigation, and no arrests have been made at this time.