Senate Bill 1496 permits one building from each approved master-plan to reach 768 feet, while state law right now caps the height at 438 feet.

Todd Apo, Senior Vice President of Community Development for the Howard Hughes Corporation says increasing height-limits would boost commercial opportunities start discussions for more affordable housing.

According to John Kobelansky Jr., a Kaka'ako resident for eight years, he's not opposed to the idea but he'd first like to see the infrastructure improved.

"We're gonna get screwed royally if they put these big monsters in here, and the monsters will make everybody's life difficult," Kobelansky Jr. said. "How is this neighborhood now, with our 419-foot buildings even supporting what we have now, and it's not."

"There's been a very positive movement as to not only providing housing, and jobs and commercial opportunities. But we all keep looking for more affordable housing," Todd Apo, Community Development Howard Hughes said.

Senator Sharon Moriwaki says raising height limits in Kaka'ako goes against rules established by years of work done by the Hawaii Community Development Authority.