Kaneohe, HI - Driving along Kaneohe's Kahekili Highway you get some spectacular views of nature.

For Herman Perreira, making sure nature is all you see, is all in a days work.

Drivers honk frequently at Perreira, as he is a familiar fixture in Kaneohe. 

The retired 65-year old says he's been walking regularly since his early 40s when his health started to take a turn.

"I was getting fat and the doctors weren't happy with it," said Perreira. "They started giving more meds. Meds is not the trick. They kept telling me, it's the workouts. Go out there and get some workouts. Go walking."

So he did. Gradually increasing his walks.

"I got to the point where I was going out every other day on these long walks. I was out at Hawaiian memorial park, I was walking from my house to Kailua town and back, and that's far," said Perreira.

He now covers a 10-mile walk, three times a week. He made use of his time by picking up trash along the way. 

Perreira even placed trash bags along the route, and coordinates with the city to pick them up when they're filled. He keeps the recyclables and trades those in for cash -- to buy more trash bags, and supplies, like shoes.

Showing off some homemade repairs, Perreira says shoes are probably his biggest expense.

" I burnout shoes every three or four months," he says.

But he's not stopping. In fact, Perreira invites anyone who wants to come along -- hoping he can start a trend.

"What I'm hoping is they'll come out with me and just get the feel of how pretty this place is. They go ahead and start doing it in their own neighborhood just around their block, picking up rubbish," he said.

Perreira told a relative of his who works at KITV that he doesn't do it for recognition, he does it because he loves where he lives.

“Summertime is when you get all the fruits come out, I find avocados and these bags are not only filled with trash but they’re filled with avocados, my wife likes guava so I pick her up guavas, all kinds of different things," Perreira said. "There’s all kinds of things that you can do if you only look, like they say if you take your time to smell the roses life is a lot better.”