HONOLULU - The president delivered a speech at a Trump rally in El Paso, Texas Monday night, and covered the Green New Deal that Senator Mazie Hirono just joined in on.

Within the speech, Trump called Hirono "crazy," as she previously mentioned that Hawaii was already on-board with the deal in preventing climate change.

"How are we getting to Hawaii on a train? She didn't think about that one but she's thinking about it you'll figure it out," said Trump.

Hirono responded to the president's remarks by stating that Trump lie and denied climate change.

“As usual, climate change denier Donald Trump makes things up and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. While the Green New Deal is an ambitious plan to combat climate change, it does not call for the elimination of air travel. I will continue to fight against this president’s lies.”? said Hirono.

The Green New Deal outlines the definition of the massive piece of legislation the two hope will tackle a litany of issues related to the US' role in global climate change.