WAIMEA, HAWAII - The public urged to stay away from north and west shores as massive storm surfs rolls into the islands.

As of Monday morning, it is still windy at Shark’s Cove, but waves have died down compared to Sunday, when water ended up on Kamehameha Highway.

Sunday, it was a busy day on the north shore. Waimea Bay had to close because of a downed power line near the park entrance.

Ocean Safety said other beaches in the area also closed because of the high surf and unsafe conditions. 

Waves were also washing over some roads which is why they are asking people to stay vigilant and stay away.

“This is this is life and death situation out here. If you let your guard down, and you venture out to the rocks are too close to the shoreline on yourself you can find yourself in a life-threatening situation very fast,” said Kerry Atwood, North Shore Ocean Safety Lt.

Atwood has to perform a rescue yesterday when a big set of waves washed over near Sunset Beach and a family of five got knocked down and dragged through some bushes. They suffered some scrapes and bruises, but are okay. 

An Ocean Safety official says it can be a "life and death" situation.

He says situations like that is the beginning of how serious this severe weather can be.