Over half way through the Big West schedule it is getting to be the home stretch for UH women's basketball senior sisters Leah and Lahni Salanoa cherishing every last game they get to play together.

"I just would love for people to remember our names. That is one thing we like to represent, our last name. That and trying to get another ring," Lahni Salanoa said.

"Love to have people remember us and for my sister and I to have an impact on the little kids of Hawaii. They look up to us, we see a lot of kids in public and they want to take pictures and that. I just hope they look up to us and do the same," Leah Salanoa said.

"My mom was worried about us going to different schools and stuff, I just remember how happy she was, crying when I ended up signing here. Fortunately for both of them they can come to all our games," Lahni said. 

"Joke around how we don't want to be near each other anymore but I am sure we are going to find each other and be close again," Leah said.