HONOLULU - An exclusive on KITV4: Calls for a shakeup at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Thirty current and former employees are calling for CEO Lisa Fowler's resignation. They formed a group called "People for Animals First."

They're alleging mismanagement and a culture of fear. Their chief complaint is that the humane society is euthanizing healthy and adoptable animals at a higher rate than in past years - and that management won't listen to suggestions to increase adoptions.

Furthermore, they say when staffers complain, they face retaliation. People for Animals First sent a 100-page packet to the HHS board on Monday asking for Fowler's resignation. Board chairman Bob Armstrong told KITV4 on Sunday, "We will look into this matter as appropriate as we fulfill our board oversight responsibilities."

The HHS board's executive committee will review the complaint packet on Monday. We reached out to the Hawaiian Humane Society as well and haven't heard back.