If you've been to a Rainbow Warrior volleyball game or even seen it on TV you know they bring the energy every single game. No matter the score, they keep each other going led by sophomore libero Gage Worsley.

"Some people do it a little crazier then others, Gage is my favorite he just goes wild every time," Stijn Van Tilburg said.

"I get a dig right and the crowd goes crazy, I'm like ooooo, I'm like lets go, OMG, just like that it's fun out there for sure, Gage is nuts, that's correct I am pretty crazy out there, but I think they feed off of it, juicing guys up out there," Gage Worsley said.

"When we stop smiling and enjoying it as much you see a tightness. That's been an emphasis of us. We did a really good job of that especially in tight situations. Bring it together, settling things down, being loose, keeping energy no matter what the score is," Joe Worsley said.

"Little bit of a tactical thing and then you just like the energy to keep going, keep celebrating, and feeling good about what you're doing," Charlie Wade said.

"Bring that same energy and intensity every night and when we step on to the court, it really helps our offense get into the flow of things. Put pressure on the opposing side knowing that we're out there having fun," Colton Cowell said.

"I have been telling people when I celebrate I don't really remember it because the blood rushing to my head I am just like what is happening I feel like fainting half the time. Always been my thing keeping it juiced out here for sure," Gage Worsley said.