HONOLULU - 24/7 Wall St. gathered data from around the country to find out which cities were the 'worst to live in' in America -- and the USA Today article that released the information, has three Hawaii neighborhoods listed.

The cities that made the list are said to have high crime rates, poverty, "weak job markets and little in the way of entertainment options or cultural attractions."

Mendota, California made the top Worst City in America to live in.

Although one town on O'ahu, Makaha, ranked in the top five -- at number 4.

On average, residents in Makaha are paying 61.4 percent more for goods and services compared to the rest of the nation.

The city has a high jobless rate, "The Census estimates that an average of 9.7 percent of the city's labor force has been out of work over the last five years, more than double the comparable national unemployment rate of 4.1 percent," the article stated.

Maili, Hawaii was ranked on the list at number 23. 

The city has to deal with particularly expensive housing. 

Homes in the Maili area are typically worth about $436,000, which is about 6.1 times the median household income.

"Nationwide, the typical home is worth $193,500, or just 3.4 times higher than the $57,652 median income," the article wrote.

Nankuli also made the list at number 25. 

The article stated that, "Even though Nanakuli, Hawaii, has a relatively high median annual household income at $65,101, residents typically do not have as much purchasing power as the average American."

Data shows that the cost of living in Nankuli is 61 percent higher than the average cost of living across the nation -- this means that the median income, when adjusted, is only about $40,000. 

Nanakuli also has more than double the U.S. five-year unemployment rate -- at 8.3 percent.