The Punahou football program signs eight of their student athletes to letters of intent to continue their careers at the division one level. Some will continue to be teammates while others will be direct rivals when they take the field this fall. 

Maninoa Tufono/ Punahou Senior Linebacker/USC Signee

"Really excited to play with this guy, to have a brother with me as we start this new journey, it's really exciting."

Kaulana Makaula/ Punahou Senior Safety/USC Signee

"Same, during this recruiting process Maninoa was always the one helping me out to get me to USC. Now that dream has come true and just like we have been playing together we're going to continue to play together and push each other."

Duke Clemens/ Punahou Senior Offensive Linemen/ UCLA Signee

"Right now it's all love but I am pretty sure once the season starts it's going to get pretty heated between each team."

Blake Feigenspan/ Punahou Senior Center/ Princeton Signee

"Always been a dream of mine to go to the IVY League and get a Princeton degree. Especially a dream because I'll get to play with Tamatoa again and be with him. We've been family and this is a great opportunity for us to go out there and ball out."

Tamatoa Falatea/ Punahou Senior Wide Receiver/ Princeton Signee

"Privilege to go to Princeton University. He was committed earlier so once I got the offer I knew I was going to be with him. To have that degree I couldn't be more blessed."

Trent Shiraki/ Punahou Senior Linebacker/ Navy Signee

"One of the biggest games of the year., Army-Navy game. I wish he was playing on my team but I am really happy for him. Army is a really good school and I look forward to competing against him soon."

Sitiveni Kaufusi/ Punahou Senior Running Back/ Army Signee

"It really means a lot because I have a lot of friends on the Army side. Two commits from Hawaii, me, and another guy from Saint Louis but I am looking forward to playing him every year."

Marist Liufau/ Punahou Senior Linebacker/ Notre Dame Signee

"Best decision for me, and for my family. Anyone that goes to Notre Dame is set for life and it will probably change your life forever."