HONOLULU - State lawmakers will vote Wednesday on whether or not to continue funding for the Kupuna Caregivers Program. 

It provides funding and resources to caregivers who are taking care of kupuna 60 years and older.

Right now, under the program, working caregivers are given up to $70 a day to cover costs for adult day care, assisted transportation, home-delivered meals and personal care. 

But Wednesday, the House Committee on Human Services and Homeless will consider whether or not the funding for that program should continue. The committee could also move to change the amount to $350 a week. 

Supporters say the program is crucial -- part of the reason is that 17% of the state's population is 65 or older. That number is expected to increase over the next few years.

Another reason is that more and more families are expected to become caregivers. Right now, it's estimated there are 154,000 unpaid family caregivers in Hawaii. Many are taking care of their aging parents, spouses or other family members. 

The committee will decide on the bill Wednesday morning.