Nancy Anderson would have been 66-years-old this year. 

Anderson comes from a family of twelve with nine siblings still wondering who killed her.

"She went to Hawaii to mainly experience a new place and she was always intrigued by the islands so she moved there and was only there for about two months," Nancy's brother Jack Anderson said. 

Anderson lived in Waikiki in an apartment off of Aloha Drive.

According to police on January 7, 1972 her roommate found her dead, police say Anderson had been stabbed multiple times.

Not one suspect had been identified and no arrests were made.

"The age of these cases make it difficult, the people factor I guess," Detective Michael Ogawa of the Honolulu Police Department said. 

Police are now searching for new leads. Anderson's brother who is currently in Washington State is hoping for answers. 

"We come from a very loving family and forgiving family so we're not looking for retribution or anything we just simply want as much closure as closure can possibly give," Nancy's brother Jack Anderson said.

The Honolulu Police Department has about 250 cold case files. So far it has reviewed about half of them including Anderson's.

"Ultimately we want to bring someone to prosecution but if not at least bring some kind of closure to the family, at least remind them someone still cares," Detective Ogawa said.