Honolulu police say bullying is a growing problem in Hawaii's schools, and CrimeStoppers is reaching out to students to let them know enough is enough.

Sergeant Chris Kim spent time educating students at Moanalua High School hoping to send a message home that bullying can sometimes lead individuals to end their own life. 

"It doesn't get talked about often enough and I definitely believe that there needs to be more of a conversation about it," Moanalua High School Junior Eduardo Ellis said.

A good part of Monday's session also focused on the dangers of social media, urging teens to use caution when posting photos online alerting them predators are on the prowl.

To help crack down on crimes like these police are turning to students for help, they're asking them to submit tips here on CrimeStoppers P3 app.

According to students relaying what could be critical information on an app takes some of the anxiety out of the process.

"When you're behind a screen it's easier to see things and do things and so I feel like it's really nice if they have that because it takes a lot of pressure away," a student said.

CrimeStoppers says teens have already helped them crack down on big cases. 

"We received a tips as far as contraband about sexual assault we receive tips about an arson. It's been hugely successful we've been able to solve cases," Sergeant Kim said.