KALIHI, Hawaii - A former Farrington High School football and basketball player was shot dead by a Honolulu police officer Tuesday. 

KITV4 has confirmed the man who died was 51-year-old Siatu'u Tauai of Ewa Beach and HPD confirms he has 12 prior convictions including a felony. 

According to the Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard, the incident started when three officers saw a truck weaving in and out of traffic near King and Kalihi streets around 1:30 a.m. They were all in separate patrol cars when they attempted to pull over Tauai across the street from his high school alma mater.  

"As the officers got out of the cars, the truck drove over the embankment to get away from the officers," Ballard said. 

The officers later caught up with Tauai on Hala Drive. One officer sprayed the suspect, who's still in his truck with pepper spray but it was too windy for it to work. That's when police say the situation got intense.  

"The suspect then revved the engine and sped toward an officer who was standing at his vehicle's open driver door...The officer had no time to react because the door blocked his exit that his only reaction left would be to try and stop the threat," Ballard said. 

Police think about a dozen shots were fired at him and multiple shots hit Tauai on the left side of his body. 

Kapalama resident Brendan Ching was asleep when the activity outside woke him up. 

"I heard yelling, that's the first thing I heard... It kinda echoed between the buildings so it was pretty loud. I thought it was the neighbors playing video games in the morning," Ching said. 

Police say they searched Tauai's car and found what looked cocaine inside.   

The investigation is just beginning.