The Honolulu City Council is now required to temporarily fill the City Council District 4 seat left vacant after the Hawaii Supreme Court invalidated Trevor Ozawa's win over Tommy Waters.

According to Council Chair Ann Kobayashi, the Council will re-establish its Legislative Matters Committee, which is made up of all sitting councilmembers and meet on Monday February 4th to select a temporary Council representative for District 4.

"It is vitally important that Council District 4 have representation at the City Council," said Kobayashi. While the special election is being organized, the Council will not only start hearings on budgetary matters but continue its deliberations on important matters such as TVU, B&Bs and monster houses and those communities must have a vote during the committee and Council meetings."

All Councilmembers are being asked to submit names for consideration as the temporary replacement. 
Members of the public who wish to have a person from that District considered are advised to contact their respective Councilmember and request that name submitted.