Tourists from Japan are one of Hawaii's top four foreign visitors. In 2018, they spent more than $2 billion in the state. 
Starting May 24, All Nippon Airways will be flying new planes that can hold more than 500 people per flight to Honolulu, three times a week. 

"The direct economic impact will be very good, about $52 million, talking about $100 million economic boost over time," Mufi Hannemann, Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association president & CEO, said. 

Hawaii Tourism Authority projects it'll be a year before we see this boom. HTA's statistics show an incremental increase in visitors spending and arrivals on Oahu through November 2018 compared to 2017. 

"The Japanese market has always been very important to us... It's been a proven fact that Japanese or Asian visitors will spend when they come here," Hannemann said. 

HTA president Chris Tatum called the planned increase in passengers "a strong investment in our state's future and will elevate the standard of service from our largest international market." 

More visitors to the islands are a good start but one state lawmaker says how much they spend on their trip also plays a role. 

"The Canadians and Australians are probably the cheapest tourists and the Chinese and Japanese are the best tourists in terms of their economic impact to the state," Sen. Glenn Wakai said. 

Hannemann anticipates the Japanese market to grow overtime. His only concern is if the government shut down resumes. 

"We're hoping what's happening in Washington now, it's not just a short term fix but definitely be able to ensure the government workers are working," Hannemann said.