HONOLULU - Five men were arrested after a Hawaiian group used force to gain control of an OHA office.

31-year-old Sadhu Bott, 62-year-old Ene Faletogo, 27-year-old Rheece Lopaka Richard Kahawai, 36-year-old Jordan Nainoa Feletogo, and 39-year-old Remedio Dabaluz.

At 11:40 a.m. Thursday, police were notified of a Hawaiian group, Kingdom of Atooi, attempting to overtake an office at the Na Lama Kukui building. The building was placed on lockdown shortly after.

OHA released a statement saying, "They forcibly removed OHA staff from the lobby, occupied the lobby and refused to let OHA staff enter, disrupting OHA business. They assaulted two OHA staff and harassed others."

A witness told KITV4 that Kingdom of Atooi organizers said they're set to 'stand their ground at the office for the long haul.'

Four of the men arrested were booked for third-degree assault, and their bail was set at $100 each. Dabaluz was arrested for harassment.

"Mahalo to Honolulu Police Department for their kokua today," OHA's statement read.