HONOLULU - Honolulu Councilmember Ann Kobayashi is still questioning the Honolulu Corporate Counsel's decision to keep their attorney on the State Supreme Court recount case.

She sent a letter to Donna Leong on Monday expressing concerns about the support Mayor Kirk Caldwell gave then-candidate Tommy Waters over opponent Trevor Ozawa -- and why the attorney representing the City Clerk referred reporter questions about the recount case to the mayor's office.

Leong responded and said attorney Ernest Nomura failed to observe media protocol, but they are keeping him on the case.

Leong is now on leave.

Wednesday, Kobayashi sent another letter to Leong's First Deputy Paul Aoki asking if Corporation Counsel has been taking instructions from the mayor's office on this recount case, and for a list of the people involved.

There has been no word yet if Kobayashi got a response.