The Department of Land and Natural Resources reports that the decomposing carcass of a sperm whale, at last report, has moved to a location about eight miles south of Pearl Harbor.  

A DLNR vessel towed the carcass fifteen miles off shore after it landed last week on the reef near Sand Island Recreation Area.

A great white shark has been seen in photos swimming around the carcass and tiger sharks have been spotted, almost continuously, feeding on the whale

"We're asking people to stay out of the water around this carcass. We don't want anyone to get hurt if a shark swimming around the carcass mistakes them as food. Understandably, some people want to get into the water either out of fascination or to get photographs, but it is truly dangerous to be around this carcass with so much shark activity," DOCARE Chief Jason Redulla said. 

There are reports that people are even climbing on top of the whale and removing its teeth. DLNR advises that the taking of a marine mammal’s remains may be against both state and federal laws.

Experts tracking the movement of the carcass note that it is currently headed off-shore, but southwesterly winds predicted over the next few days, could once again push it closer to shore or even back onto land.

This story will be updated as details become available.