Vegan? Going vegan for the new year? Just wanna try vegan? Question? We can help—and make sure it's delicious too. From dishes packed with veggies to every kind of meatless protein, you'll love what's cooking at these five spots.

Head to The Beet Box Cafe in Kailua! Yelper Tiffany D swears this place does it right with healthy items that pack tons of flavor. End your meal with their vegan carrot cake that has great texture and delicious frosting.

The Lovin Oven also in Kailua, has stolen the heart of Yelper Donna Lyn B. Their supreme pizza is delicious, with fresh veggies and vegan sausage, as well as their lasagna with garlic bread. If you're a meat lover who wants to go vegan for a day, this would be a good place to start!

At Juicy Brew in Kaimuki, Yelper Mandolin D shares they're known for their wholesome dishes, and gather produce from farms, food hubs, and small growers. What keeps her going back weekly is their vegan brunch and amazing staff.

Down the street at Vegan Hills, Yelper Angelica C noms away on their vegan fondue. It's not cheese, but it tastes like it, with solid flavor, texture and a good variety of sides to dip.

At Banan in Manoa, Yelper Janyne D enjoys eating their dairy-free soft serve ice cream, which you can put on a papaya boat as a holder. With every ingredient cultivated from the island you can't go wrong!

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