HONOLULU - From fine dining to fast food -- a White House meal served Monday night was a top local talker.

President Trump served Wendy's, McDonald's, and other fast food favorites to Clemson football players following their National Championship victory. A spokesperson said Trump paid for the meal himself because of the shutdown.

KITV4's Facebook post blew up with comments.

Stephanie Staples wrote, "Don't forget President Trump does not collect a salary for his job. He refused it."

Ronnie Clarin poked fun at a controversial topic.

"Next time a Russian politician comes and dines at the White House he better serve up some McDonald's," Clarin wrote.

But what got the country's attention was the president's tweet. Sparking a new trending hashtag, #hamberders.

Within less than two hours the post was deleted and re-posted with the correct spelling.

Tuesday marks National Hat Day -- the hashtag was trending all over. But many are saying "hats off" to Season 23's Bachelor on KITV.  That's because he's a virgin, who has over twenty women vying for his love. 

One of the contestants, Demi, was trending Tuesday after she picked up the rose, then showed up to cocktail hour in a robe.