University of Hawaii Junior Rose Wong is one of eight entrepreneur hopefuls you'll find at Haumana Soul.

Its a storefront in the heart of a collection of shops at the Ohana Hale Marketplace where Sports Authority once stood on Ward Avenue. 

The shop is stacked with products made by students. 

"While we're here we're learning about inventory management were learning about customer service and I think that it's really great for them to start here and eventually when they're ready take that out of here and full on launch there own business," Wong said.

Everything from clothing, jewelry and art fill the space. 

Business professors at UH Manoa consider the store a golden opportunity. Professor Peter Rowan says most small businesses fail because entrepreneurs aren't willing to be flexible about their product.  

"They're going out and getting those facts right from the potential customers here's a real potential problem I have or here's a real gain that I want to receive from buying this type of product," Peter Rowan, UH Manoa Professor at the Shidler College of Business.

When she isn't tending to customers, Wong is busy making new pieces for her jewelry line. 
She's already managed to secure sales on Amazon dot com...and hopes more is on the horizon. 

"We really want to work on expanding further than just the islands," Wong said. "We're looking to do a trade show in Japan and even nationwide, international."

The sky is the limit for Hawaii's next generation of business professionals.