Pupukea - The city and county of Honolulu is facing a lawsuit from North Shore residents over plans to develop the area across Shark's Cove. The issue is a three-acre plot of land owned by Hanapohaku LLC.

The city approved the purchase in 2014 and since then, food trucks and other businesses have moved in. Most recently, the city council approved the company's plans to build an $18 million commercial development there.

The Save Shark's Cove Alliance believes the city "failed" to oversee and regulate the project. Residents argue the "tourist-focused" development could harm marine life and generate more traffic, litter, and noise.

Attorney Tim Vandeveer says, "The city council approved a proposed development, without due diligence, for an $18 million development: a mall fronting a two-lane, 100-year-old highway that is already traffic congested and literally, across the road from a marine conservation district."

KITV4 reached out to the city and county for response but it declined to comment.