HONOLULU - It is day 20 of the partial government shutdown.

Wednesday, the president walked out on Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer after they said no to funding the wall. It was a mere 14-minute meeting, and its conclusion couldn't be clearer.

Come Friday, federal workers will face the reality of not receiving a paycheck. 

The president insists they still support him. Democrats say otherwise.

85% of the federal workplace exists outside of the Capitol region -- from airline security, to prison guards, and food inspectors. 

 A possible end to the stalemate includes eight moderate Republicans, meeting behind closed doors for more than 90-minutes -- hoping to find a solution that can bring everyone together.

"They demanded once again, that before any negotiations could begin that we would have to agree to reopen the government," said Vice President Pence.

California Democrats delivered trash to the White House that they picked up from national parks.