Help was given today for some of the displaced students at Saint Francis School in Manoa from its sister school Maryknoll. 

The school created a streamline application process for those families in order to make it easier to send their children there.

The school will waive normal requirements like a ninety dollar application fee and standardized test results.

According to Maryknoll's Admissions Director, more than four Hawaii private schools shut down within the past two decades and this is the largest closure she's seen so far. 

"We're in the thick of the Admissions seasons, we're in the height of it really and that said, really doing our part to ease our parents' nervousness about next steps and being a Catholic school, it's automatic that we'd reach out to our sister school and do everything to help," Maryknoll Director of Admissions Lori Carlos said.

Maryknoll is also holding an information session on campus this Sunday.

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