HONOLULU - Friday's jobs report beat expectations, showing employers added 312,000 jobs around the country -- helping to ease fears of a recession.  

The good news sent the three major indexes higher in Friday's trading. The Dow Jones gained 747 points, erasing Thursday's rut, when the blue chip average lost 660 points. 

The future of Sears and Kmart may rest on an offer by the company's chairman and former CEO to acquire a smaller version of the company out of bankruptcy, including the 425 stores that are still open.  

Sears missed Friday's deadline to decide whether it would give the proposal further consideration, or turn the company over to liquidators. 

Beginning Monday, United Airlines is joining other carriers in tightening their policies on emotional support animals. The animals will no longer be allowed on flights more than eight hours long, citing an increase in incidents with animals on long haul flights.  

The carrier will also no longer accept animals younger than four months