WASHINGTON - The federal government shutdown is now into its third week and it’s hurting federal employees in Hawaii and their families the most, according to a new report.

Hawaii is the fourth-most affected state in the country due to the shutdown, according to the Wallet Hub report. 

Hawaii is tied for the highest share of federal jobs in the country, with Maryland and the District of Columbia in everything from agriculture, to the interior and the department of commerce.

The study weighed the impact of the share of federal jobs, federal contract dollars per capita, real estate and more. You can read details of the methodology here.

The shutdown is also affecting real estate across Hawaii, according to the study, which has the highest real estate as a percentage of gross state product. Mortgage processing will be slowed down with staffing shortages in the IRS and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

While some of the effects may be short-lived, others may not, analysts say.

“Even if (federal employees) are going into work, they’re not actually getting paid for it right now,” said Wallet Hub analyst Jill Gonzalez. “As the shutdown continues, that’s going to be felt more and more, and that’s certainly going to also take an effect on consumer spending within the Hawaii market.”

Some important numbers to remember: 75 percent of the federal budget is already approved, but the 25 percent that isn’t. That 25 percent covers about 800,000 federal employees nationwide.