HONOLULU - Saturday's scuba diving death off Maunalua Bay in East Honolulu shocked some in the diving community. 

Some were surprised because the company the boy went out with has had trouble in the water before. 

The teen was part of a dive tour with Island Divers. The same company that was involved in the 2016 death of a diver who was found unresponsive in waters off Kahala. 

The latest diving death highlights the dangers of the sport, which is why scuba instructors say, it's best to start slow. 

"We give them fundamentals about scuba diving. We show them how to use the gear, we teach them the basic safety things in order to keep right next to us, and keep ourselves safe in the water. Wherever you go diving, go with a company that actually knows the area. Go with a professional who knows the area," said Alberto Vasquez, Co-owner of Try Scuba Diving.

In addition to lessons on land, Vazquez strongly advises diving with a buddy.

Representatives from Island Divers have not commented on what led to Saturday's death. They told prospective divers, that the incident happened because the boy, who was on a tour was, "doing his own thing."

The medical examiner says an autopsy has not been done yet.