HONOLULU - A device built to collect trash in the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"  between California and Hawaii is heading to these Islands for repairs. The device was dispatched to help try and collect some of the 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the Pacific.

It broke just before New Year's due to rough wind and waves in the Pacific Ocean. It's now being towed to the islands for readjustments before re-launching the system.

24-year-old Boyan Slat, who invented the device, says he's confident it can be fixed. He's now the CEO of The Ocean Cleanup and tells us, "We see that a 60-foot section of the 2,000 foot long device has come loose from the rest of the system.  It's likely to do with material fatigue but we're not exactly sure yet. We'll be working from Hawaii in the coming months. We may be able to use the help of people locally on Oahu to help with relaunching the system."

Slat says the crew will arrive on Monday. Repairs are expected to take a few months.