The attorney for the Big Island firefighter wrapped up in the Kealoha conspiracy case said recent news stories about his client and the explicit messages he reportedly sent Katherine Kealoha are "salacious" and "irrelevant."

During a status conference in August, federal investigators disclosed that photos containing nudity were sent from Jesse Michael Ebersole to Katherine Kealoha's cell phone. News of these photos came out this week.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported Thursday it is not clear if investigators had the photos before Ebersole pleaded guilty in July to conspiracy charges for lying under oath when asked about his relationship with Katherine.  

Ebersole confessed to meeting with the former deputy prosecutor prior to his first court appearance and she told him to hide the nature of their relationship. 

He also said he knew she was spending money on hotels, airfare and car payments for him. 

But Ebersole's attorney, Donald Wilkerson, tells KITV4 the news articles about the pictures "sensationalize otherwise irrelevant information."

He sent us this statement:

"If the recent information reported by the Honolulu media regarding Mr. Ebersole was presented to a federal grand jury as sworn testimony, the Honolulu media would be indicted in federal court for conspiracy to lie to a federal grand jury.  Shame, shame, shame.  The Honolulu press continues to dishonor the 1st Amendment."

He adds Erbersole's defense team was not made aware of any of the scandalous photos, and his guilty plea was based on genuine remorse for his conduct and "had nothing to do with Katherine Kealoha's apparent need to express herself in unusual ways."

KITV4 requested a copy of the court transcript to see for ourselves.

Katherine Kealoha's attorney had no comment.

Ebersole is scheduled to be sentenced in April. Kealoha, and her husband, former Honolulu police chief Louis Kealoha will stand in two separate trials later this year. 

KITV4 reached out to the lead investigator for comment but have not heard back.