The fireworks go up, but also the lost pet signs
 Founder Michael Kitchens of Facebook page, Stolen Stuff Hawaii says he sees an increase of lost pets post from October till the beginning of January and it may be tied to the start of illegal fireworks being popped. He said, "animals get scared and some of them do react very badly to them -fireworks-.

The Hawaiian Humane Society does suggest that all pet owners take precautionary measures before the first to make sure their pet is safe and comfortable for new years day.

Better to be proactive than reactive by ensuring your pet has proper identification and has an updated microchip. The Hawaiian Humane Society encourages you to keep your companion animal in a safe place indoors, not outside and unattended.

Communications and community events coordinator Kelsey Tanouye said, 
"fireworks may be fun for humans but not so much for pets so if you do have pets of your own we do encourage you to resist taking them with you because that can be very terrifying for them."

Consult with your veterinarian before the holiday for ways to help your scared pet. Do not give your pets tranquilizers without consulting your vet. 
 The pet owner knows his or her pet's own needs but it is advised to always stay prepared. 

Kitchens said, "today's day and age, these people who want to pop illegal aerials really don't have any respect for their neighbors. So because of that the only thing you can really do is prepare for it."

 The Hawaiian Humane Society does offer micro-chipping services for $25 or you have the option of your pet's veterinarian. Make sure your pet has a collar with your current information on it. A safe quiet place within your home with blankets, favorite toys or objects that make your pet comfortable is advised for new years eve.  

 Though Michael Kitchens said it's such a rewarding feeling to see pet owners reunited with their pets through his facebook page consisting of over 120,000 members, the reality is ... losing your pet can happen. 

 If your pet does go missing you can file a lost and found report at the humane society, put up signs in your neighborhood and post a photo with a description to stolen stuff hawaii. 

One of the best ways to bring in the new year is with your family...all of them.