A time capsule, hidden under three inches of concrete within the northwest column of the State Capitol rotunda entry
 Originally placed during the building's dedication ceremony on March 1, 1969. 
 State Archivist Adam Jansen removed the solder seal and revealed contents along with Senator Brian Taniguchi and his grandson Roycen Strom:

  • State Constitution (facsimile of original and copy of present)
  • Photographs of State emblems
  • Photographs of the Governor and his cabinet
  • Photographs of the Members of the Legislature
  • Microfilm copies of each daily, weekly and semi-weekly newspaper in the State
  • Latest annual report of each State agency
  • Latest issue of "Guide to Government in Hawaii"
  • Latest issue of "Directory of State, County and Federal Officials:
  • Dept of Planning and Economic Development Report on Economy of Hawaii
  • City Directories of all Counties
  • Souvenir Medallion issued for Statehood
  • Printed copy of Gov. Burns? most recent inaugural address
  • Program for groundbreaking and cornerstone ceremonies
  • Floor and site plans of the building
  • Copy of the Civic Center master plan
  • Photographs taken by Star-Bulletin?s chief photographer, Warren Roll, for the Statehood edition of the paper

Adam Jansen, the State Archivist said,  "the photographs the albums, we'll have those digitized so that the symposium committee can have them as assets to use them in the brochures the displays the exhibition and be able to use those throughout the celebration of the capitals 50th committee."

Now there's talk of creating another "Time Capsule" and how they can solicit ideas from the public on what to put inside. Jensen said, "what is important today. Because that's really what this is, its two cubic feet of this is what is relevant to us. This is culture today, this is important. It's societal issues that are really relevant today that in 50 years you might think that it's a bygone era."

 Some items have never been seen before, the microfilm may not be recoverable. But most items will be featured during the Capitol's 50th Anniversary celebration next year.