Lei U'i Kaholokula reports how the fifth day of the partial government shutdown is affecting Hawaii:

Since the government's partial shutdown several Hawai'i national parks have seen a shake-up in services. But places like the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, - a historic site that drew in just under 2-million visitors last year - according to park stats isn't one that's closing quietly.

Matter of fact, it's trying not to close at all.

"People have made their plans far in advanced, there is no time to make changes, its very costly for them. And it's a one time opportunity for a lot of these people."

With four non-profit partners connected to the parks shelling out thousands of dollars they're fighting to keep the visitors center open for business.

"In the beginning it was about $18,000, and now with some people taking vacation, it's going to be lowered to approximately $14,000 a day.

Navy operated boat tours near the 'U-S-S Arizona Memorial' stayed on course. Shai Schenfield from Tulsa Oklahoma said, "it was pretty quick. We were able to see the memorial, and kinda come back."

While operating around dock repairs. Mark Schenfield also from Tulsa said once the memorial gets the dock fixed he would of like to go on it.

Aileen Utterdyke, President and CEO of 'Pacific Historic Park' - one of the park donors - said funds for services are only good until Friday. Utterdyke added, "what we're trying to do right now, we are trying to reach out to the Govenors office, HTA, community members, tour operators, and asking the community as a whole to help us in sustaining this."