HONOLULU - A sprawling restaurant in the heart of this Honolulu neighborhood off Hausten street has been a popular draw for years.

However, come January the local eatery the Willows will close. 

"So many businesses are closing nowadays it’s like what’s going on?" Customer Anthony Samalino said. "What’s going to take its place yeah? What’s going to take its place?"

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation plans to sell the land the restaurant's occupied since 1944, it's one of several parcels the Foundation plans to sell.

"I'm sad! all these restaurants are closing, aw," faithful customer Jeannie Sonoda said. 

Friends Jeannie Sonoda and Lynda Takara have celebrated holidays and countless gatherings at the restaurant for years. 

"It's just so surprising because you kind of expect him to be here forever for your grandkids and your family so it's kind of sad," Lynda Takara said.

Most customers come to chow down on the restaurant's famous American and Hawaiian cuisine buffet.

Its also been a haven for some of Hawaii's top musicians, serenading guests each week.

The restaurant is surrounded by ponds and lush gardens, many longtime customers say they'll miss its open air ambiance.  
"It's really Hawaiian style still open not enclosed and structured that's really tight so I hope this place continues really with whatever happens," Customer Shirley Yamada said.

The Willows staff did not want to comment on the closure, and KITV4 has yet to hear back from the Weinberg Foundation on its decision to sell.