Wednesday's military plane crash is the fifth crash involving military aircraft in the state since 2011, which caused some to question whether there has been too much training exercises in Hawaii.

In March 2011, a Sea Stallion helicopter crashed on the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar. The crash killed a Marine and injured three others.

Then in May 2015, an Osprey crashed in Waimanalo near Bellows Air Force Station, which killed two Marines and injured more than 20 others on board.

Eight months later, a dozen marines were killed after two super stallion helicopters crashed into the ocean off of Haleiwa. Then in August 2017, a Blackhawk from Wheeler Army Airfield crashed off of Kaena point, which killed all five soldiers on board.

Despite the mishaps, a Hawaii lawmaker stressed the importance of military training exercises.

"We do want to make sure our military is well prepared and well trained so I think we can't get away from that. We have family members in the military and they're in the National Guard and all of those and we don't complain about the fact the National Guard needs to have training or exercises that may involve the guard but it's one of the things we have to kind of live with. It's an unfortunate circumstance of what the world is like," Sen. Clarence Nishihara said.

The Hawaii National Guard says its Sentry Aloha exercises are an important part to get its pilots and Air Force pilots to train in air combat prior to being deployed.