HONOLULU - The troubles mount at the Honolulu city prosecutor's office. Now one high profile lawyer is calling for impeachment: that's Peter Carlisle, who held the job from 1996 to 2010.

Former city prosecutor - and former Honolulu Mayor- Peter Carlisle wants current prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro to step down. "Keith Kaneshiro now is in the position where he should step aside and let others carry the ball. The prosecuting attorney's office right now is in very, very dark clouds and disarray."

According to our partners at Civil Beat, the U.S. Department of Justice sent a "target letter" to Kaneshiro. Target letters typically tell they recipients they are under investigation.

"The target letter means there is likely an indictment on the horizon. An indictment from the feds is usually supported by almost unstoppable accuracy," explains Carlisle.

Civil Beat says two top deputies received subject letters- not as strong as target letters. The letters reportedly link them to a wide-ranging public corruption probe stemming from former police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife, former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha, and four former or current police officers.

"We've had a problem with corruption for the last multiple years: The Kealoha case, Kathy Kealoha, now Keith Kaneshiro," says Carlisle.

Tuesday, the Prosecutor's office issued a statement:

"The dedicated and hardworking professionals at the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, City and County of Honolulu, are unwavering in their commitment to protect public safety, achieve justice, and provide guidance and compassion for victims of crime.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure mandate that grand jury proceedings are secret.  It is a violation of law for an attorney of the government, a grand juror, or others to disclose information about grand jury investigations.

The secrecy rule protects investigations and ensures a fair and unbiased process.  Confidentiality also protects the identities of those involved sparing innocent people the ignominy of baseless allegations. 

We do not comment on investigations any grand jury may or may not be conducting.  Judgement should always be based on facts and not conjecture and be reserved until the legal process concludes.

US Justice Department Officials told us they're withholding comment. Carlisle, Kaneshiro's predecessor, says the Supreme Court can also start impeachment proceedings. "If the board of impeachment stands, the prosecuting attorney shall be deemed removed from office. So, he can be kicked out," says Carlisle.

Then, the city would hold a special election to name a successor. Carlisle is clear in his ambition: "I want to be Honolulu's next prosecuting attorney so I can clean up the mess that's been made."