HONOLULU (KITV) - The Honolulu Marathon is done and over with, but volunteers will keep on preparing for next year's race, all year long!

"Pretty tiring but its a good feeling being able to give back to the runners here," said Campbell High Senior Liana Negamine.

After running that grueling 26.2 miles, marathon runners congregate in the finish line area right behind the Kapiolani Bandstand. It's where the hundreds of volunteers donate their time. 

"We have Campbell, Kaimuki High School, Marinal, different schools, organizations," said volunteer Luther Beck.

"Satisfaction by helping out the community because that's what we do for my program, ROTC," said Brice Shawn Takemoto, of Kaimuki High.

For some, the volunteering never gets old: "I've been doing this for 41years, I'm 80 years old, so I worked for 80 years. Since my birthday, I was working already," exclaimed Lead Volunteer Ronald Chun.

As for the malasadas, the local favorite typically takes 45 seconds to make, but for the marathon it's a 365-day planning process.

"We're doing 33,000 malasadas, a 26-foot freezer truck, with 30 racks," said malasada cooker Ernest Kam. "It takes everything we got, all the fryers that we got, but we make it happen."