After an alleged attack over the weekend, security has increased near the Honolulu City Lights.

Honolulu police opened an assault investigation after a group of teenagers claim they were threatened Saturday night, allegedly by a group of young men wielding knives inside the parking garage near the light display. 

Because of that, two more security guards have been added. Across social media, there has also been more stories of similar incidents at the same location.

"It just caught us off guard, why would someone do that over there and it was kind of shocking that no one around us kind of helped. There was no security and cite the only one I saw was the one inside the actual City Hall building," the alleged victim who requested to remain anonymous, said. 

As a precaution, the city has added an additional security guard to patrol the Civic Center.

In a statement released Monday, the city also said the person or persons responsible for the incident need to be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Talking with people at the lights Sunday night, most say they feel safe visiting the holiday spectacular.

"I feel really safe," Gary Rodwell said. "I always have a lot of fun here and I couldn't understand a universe where people wouldn't feel safe."