High surf warning is in effect on north facing shores Sunday but it didn’t keep beach goers out of the beach.  

Some went out to watch the Billabong Pipe Masters but the event was canceled because of stormy ocean conditions.

One Oahu resident finished his first marathon but rather than take a nap, he went out here to enjoy the view. 

“We were hoping the surf competition was going to go on today but it got called off this morning so we’re just watching the locals surf,” Brennen Bridgeford, an Oahu resident, said. 

Tom Cornell, a visitor from England, was hoping to catch the surf contest but he will be back whenever the contest happens. 

“This is next level and not something we can compare it to back in England,” Cornell said. 

Ocean Safety reported there were three rescues on the North Shore and over 1,800 preventive rescues. The amount of rescues today is considered average out on the North Shore.