Hula is more than movement, it's history and genealogy.

"It's more than that, you have the moolelo. You have the reason, or the meaning behind the moolelo," Maka Herrod, Kauai kumu hula, said.

Perpetuating the art is a kumu hula's mission.

"I love to research and read, document anything that's connected to our Hawaii," Herrod said.

For the first time through the Malie Foundation of Kauai, Herrod says it's their Kuleana to keep every hula legacy on Kauai alive. 

Documenting 40 plus Kauai kumu and their mookuauhau or hula lineage. 

"It's gonna also allow people to learn about each other because some of us we don't know whether they're hula family or whether we're hula family," Herrod said. 

A way to recognize Kauai's distinguished hula family tree is to keep it for the next to keep growing for the next hula generation. 

"Our past is very important and those who took the time and committed themselves to teaching and passing down their ike to those of us who are sharing that same love to those of us here on Kauai,"  Herrod said.