Each year, blasts and booms from a sprawling fireworks display mark the start of Honolulu's biggest marathon. Participants give it their all on the 26.2 mile course. Victory arrives for many after crossing the finish line at Kapiolani Park.

Aside from receiving marathon medals, chomping down on tasty post marathon malasadas have turned into a favored tradition. 

Crews from Centerplate, the sole food vendor out of Aloha Stadium, fry up thousands each year. On the menu on Sunday, 33,000 to be exact. It's a task the company first took on more than five years ago. 

General manager Ernest Kam says it takes a crew of about 60 to make it all happen. The company places 16 to 20 fryers on site. By the end of the day, managing to fry up the doughy desserts in about 2,500 gallons of oil.

"We go through 500 pounds of sugar for runners that make sure their bodies are in this great condition, we feed them 500 pounds of sugar," Kam said. 

This weekend in particular will be exceptionally busy for Kam and his food concession crew with two back to back powerhouse concerts planned at Aloha Stadium. 

"It's a madhouse and organize madhouse down here we have the Eagles coming in on Friday night followed by Guns N' Roses and that Saturday night and then we start the hunt a little marathon at 3 a.m. Sunday morning," he said. 

Kam says rewarding runners that powered through the grueling course with a sugary concoction is priceless.