HONOLULU - On the National Day of Mourning, #Bush41 #GeorgeHWBushFuneral and #Remembering41 were trending on social media all across the nation.

ABC News tweeted a heartbreaking video of George W. Bush giving his father's eulogy stating, "The last words he would say on earth were 'I love you, too.'"

William responded to a KITV4 Facebook post writing, "George Herbert Walker Bush is, and ever shall be our President, then and now! God bless him and his family."

Although our current president was also in the spotlight at the funeral. Photos were circulating on social media questioning President Trump's behavior at the service -- like not putting his hand over his heart, and crossing his arms.

CBS posted a video showing the Obamas exchanging hellos. They wrote, "The Clintons did not acknowledge President Trump."