Hugs and tears, as an L.A. firefighter reunites with the little girl he helped save.

The hero in this story -- firefighter and paramedic Daniel Harris. He was off-duty, on vacation in Hawaii when four-year-old Sophia nearly drowned in a hotel pool.

"After about three to four minutes of trying to resuscitate her, I could feel her heart beat," said Harris. 

When asked who Daniel was and what he did, Sophia Rousse responded, "He saved me." 

Little Sophia made a quick recovery.

"Daniel saved her and when I got my daughter back it became the best day of my life," said Sophia's father Thomas Rouse.

Her family flew in from Hawaii Tuesday just to meet Daniel. The two families bonded forever, through an unlikely situation.

Thomas went on to say, "Every birthday, there won't be any occasion like that that passes where I won't think about Daniel."

As for Harris, he was overjoyed seeing the little girl healthy and happy.

"It was heart dropping just to see her walking around. She is walking because of the efforts that I had that day," Harris said.