HONOLULU - December has just begun, but some lots are starting to run low on Christmas trees.

At Tajiri's lot on University -- two weeks ago there were 4,000 trees, but now they are down to about 300.

Not only are the numbers dropping, but they are also running low on smaller trees, which have been popular this season. And now they are counting down the days until all the evergreens are gone. 

"Normally we run out around the 7th through 10th -- last year was the 7th or 8th. This year should go to the 10th approximately," said Richard Tajiri.

There are still some larger trees, like nine-footers on the lot. But because of the demand for smaller trees, Tajiri says he will have to cut down more of his larger trees.

He also says colored flocked trees are also extremely popular this holiday season.