HONOLULU - George H.W. Bush is lying in state in the Capitol rotunda where people are still filing in to pay their respects. The rotunda remained opened to visitors all through the night. 

President Trump and First Lady Melania made their way to the capitol Monday night, standing in silence in front of the flag draped casket. The president then saluted as the first lady placed her hand over her heart. 

Tens of thousands of people are expected to wait in line to pay their respects to the 94-year-old elected president in 1988 who served one term. 

"Nobody has ever been as lucky as I've been. I want people to remember him as courageous. I want them to remember him as he is," said his late wife Barbara Bush. 

Barbara Bush's wish is coming true as Americans and lawmakers from both parties putting a pause on their differences to celebrate the last president from the greatest generation. 

The former president's remains will stay in the rotunda until his state funeral on Wednesday -- every living president will be at the National Cathedral to honor him. Then, he'll return to Houston for another service before being laid to rest alongside his wife and daughter.